Cop Who Decked Female Miami Hurricanes Fan Cleared Of Any Wrongdoing (VIDEO)

Drunk Miami Fan Slap

Remember that Miami-Dade police officer who clocked that female Hurricanes fan in the face while carrying her drunk ass out of Hard Rock Stadium during a game against Virginia Tech earlier this month?

In case you’re the type who can’t even remember what they ate for dinner last night, here’s a refresher:

Some believe the girl, 30-year-old Bridget Freitas, got what she deserved. And then there are those who think the cop, Douglas Ross, went way overboard with his reaction.

Well, apparently Ross’ higher-ups agree with the former group, and not the latter, as they have officially cleared the 18-year police veteran of any wrongdoing.

Via The Miami Herald:

Miami-Dade police Director Juan Perez, while noting the optics were less than optimal, said the bottom line is that officers don’t distinguish between males and females when throwing a punch.

“Did it look pretty? No,” said Perez. “But he instinctively reacted to being hit in the face.”

While Ross was cleared of any misconduct, the same can’t be said for Freitas. She was charged with battery on a law enforcement officer and disorderly conduct.

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