Ex-Bears Safety Blasts WR Josh Bellamy For Sliding Into Girlfriend’s DMs (TWEET)

Detroit Lions v Chicago Bears

When it comes to sports and playing alongside other grown men with the same goal as you, it’s supposed to be looked at as a brotherhood with everybody having each others best interests at heart.

That’s not always the case, however, as every team will have a few habitual line-steppers that are in it for themselves and don’t care who they step over to achieve a personal goal.

Josh Bellamy seems to be one of those guys, at least according to Harold Jones-Quartey. The Philadelphia Eagles safety took to Twitter on Thursday and replied to a quote from the Chicago Bears wide receiver. In doing so, he exposed him for a being a guy who regularly jumps in the direct messages of his teammates’ girlfriends.


As for his reason to expose him like this:

Harold Jones-Quartey offered no further details, backstory, or even an indication as to whether this happened to him in the past.

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