Gronk Says He Broke Many Tables at Various Family Events Growing Up (VIDEO)


Buffalo Bills fans have developed quite an unparalleled reputation for extreme tailgating over the last several years. And while their most shocking shenanigans relate to their uninhibited sexual practices, the right of passage by which Buffalonians are most often inducted into the “Bills Mafia” is the drunken table slam.

Drunken frat bros do it. Petite ladies do it. Even babies do it.

Sometimes it’s a choke-slam. Sometimes the table is on fire. But everybody has to do it to be a full member of the Bills Mafia.

This weekend the Bills will host the hated New England Patriots, so the tailgating outside Ralph Wilson Stadium will be especially raucous. During Thursday’s press conference, one reporter asked Pats tight end Rob Gronkowski if he had ever jumped through a table. His answer? Yeah, of course he has. But not at tailgating parties. Turns out Gronk has done most of his table slamming at family parties.

Take a look:


When you think about it, it’s kind of a shame Rob Gronkowski didn’t get drafted by the Bills. He’s pretty much the Bills Mafia’s spirit animal.

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