Georgia Fan Sets Up Microphone To Wake Up Auburn Neighbors After SEC Title Win (VIDEO)

Back in November, Auburn destroyed Georgia and put the Bulldogs College Playoff hopes in jeopardy. All that changed this past Saturday when the Bulldogs got some much needed revenge and defeated the Tigers with ease in the SEC Championship game.

That win felt so damn good for one Georgia fan that he had to make sure his neighbor knew about it.

On Sunday, the Georgia fan set up a microphone, and put it on full blast to give his Auburn neighbors an 8 a.m. wakeup call to remind them of what happened on Saturday, just in case they were trying to forget.

“Good morning, neighborhood. We’d like to congratulate the Georgia Bulldogs on their fine SEC victory last night. And I’d particularly like to say ‘Go Dawgs’ to my neighbors, the Fockers. It’s 8 o’clock on a Sunday morning. I just wanted to see if y’all could give us a shoutout. GO DAWGS! Woof. We beat the dog crap outta ya. Woof. Yeah! Wake up!”


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