Somebody Posted Baker Mayfield’s Cell Number Online, and Apparently Georgia Fans Had Lots of Interesting Things to Say to Him (Tweets)

Baker Mayfield apologizes for planting OU flag

The Oklahoma Sooners and Georgia Bulldogs don’t face off in the 2018 Rose Bowl for another four weeks, but Georgia fans are already going at controversial Sooners quarterback Baker Mayfield pretty hard.

According to a tweet from Mayfield late Sunday night, somebody got a hold of his phone number and posted it online, and he was subsequently bombarded with texts and calls from Georgia fans who wanted him to know just how much they don’t like him.

Unfortunately, it looks like we’ll never find out what Georgia fans actually said to Mayfield. But there was a whole lot of trash-talking in the responses to his tweet, and that was certainly entertaining:

All this less than 24 hours after the College Football Playoff was announced? I think the Rose Bowl is going to be pretty fun!

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