Meet Baker Mayfield’s Smokin’ Hot Girlfriend, Morgan Mayberry (PICS)

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Even after the crotch grabbing and legal issues, Oklahoma quarterback Baker Mayfield is still far and away the favorite to win the Heisman Trophy later this month. With that will likely come a pro career, and with those prospects and that notoriety also comes a ridiculously hot girlfriend.

Word is that Mayfield’s been dating Morgan Mayberry, an Alpha Phi at Oklahoma, which has been confirmed by her roommate, via Total Frat Move.

We’ve got a bit of a gallery of pics showing Morgan on the social scene, and while some of the pics feature two blondes and can be a bit confusing, we trust you’ll be able to sort out who’s who.







She’s also popped up on Baker’s own Instagram, lending credibility to the rumors.

Take her to the lake and take her home to Momma.

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She knows how to use chopsticks!

Nice ending to a relaxing Sunday. A post shared by Baker Mayfield (@baker_mayfield) on


He seems pretty smitten, which, regardless of what you think of the divisive QB, is nice.

I have no doubt that I had the best trophy of the night.

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Judging by the time stamps, this has been a long time coming.


Independence Day with an Independent Woman

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Nice work, Baker. Now grow up on the field and you’ll earn a few more fans.

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