Georgia Tech Player Who KO’d Teammate Did It Again THAT SAME DAY (VIDEO)

Screen Shot 2017-12-04 at 9.01.39 AM

A few days back, we shared a pretty messed-up video of Georgia Tech starting defensive back Step Durham knocking out his teammate in what otherwise seemed like a pretty low-stakes argument. The incident took place following UGA’s win over Georgia Tech, but it turns out that Durham had a lot left in his tank after his team’s loss, because ANOTHER new video has surfaced of a separate fight between him and Austin.

This video shows Durham scrapping once again with Lance Austin hours after the original incident. Apparently, the rematch was Austin’s idea and…it didn’t go well for him (again).

Austin once again fell to the floor, knocked out by another right hook.

Georgia Tech said to TMZ that they’re already aware of this video and are taking it into consideration when dreaming up a punishment for Durham. That penalty has apparently been administered, but the school isn’t saying what it is.

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