Jon Gruden Hints At Being Interested In New York Giants Head Coaching Job

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Image via Getty

Jon Gruden hasn’t coached in the NFL in almost ten years, but his name gets mentioned for almost every available head coaching position every single year. Despite that, he continues to stay with his broadcasting job.

On Monday, the New York Giants finally rid themselves of head coach Ben McAdoo, who benched Eli Manning in favor of Geno Smith. And the rumors began swirling once again.

During Monday’s Steelers-Bengals Monday Night Football game, Sean McDonough mentioned the rumor that Gruden might consider the New York Giants job, and he didn’t completely dismiss the idea.


Here’s the full transcript via Larry Brown Sports:

“Would Coach Gruden consider coming to the New York Giants?” McDonough asked. “Your name comes up for every job.”

“Don’t believe half of that stuff you hear and read, Sean,” Gruden said.

Just when you thought Gruden had separated himself from the rumors, he sucked himself back in.

“Our producer said he saw somewhere the odds of you going to the Giants are 35:1. Would you take the over or the under on 35:1?” McDonough asked.

Gruden initially was suggesting the over was the right play, but then he changed his mind when he considered the Eli Manning factor.

“I’ll take the under on that if Eli comes back.”

Like every other rumor that has included Gruden in the mix, it will likely end with him staying in the booth calling games—something he likes to do and it comes with a lot less stress.

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