Ex-Giants WR Victor Cruz: Firing Ben McAdoo Came ‘A Couple of Weeks Too Late’ (VIDEO)

New York Giants v New York Jets

The Giants finished the 2016 season with an 11–5 record under Ben McAdoo, tying the franchise record for most regular season wins by a first year head coach. Everything was trending upwards until a photo was released showcasing Giants players partying on a boat before their playoff game against the Green Bay Packers.

The team might’ve lost, but they fully expected to be back in the playoff hunt this season. Then, after 12 games, the team was 2-10 and it was time to make a change. McAdoo was fired on Monday, but it came a little too late according to Victor Cruz.

The former New York Giants WR wasn’t a huge fan of McAdoo either and believes he should’ve been fired a long time ago:

“I think it was long overdue. I think it was a couple of weeks too late. Once you see guys in the locker room start to give anonymous reports about how he’s handling them … that’s how you know he’s completely lost the locker room and completely lost the players.”

(USA Today)

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