Former Boxing Champ Zab Judah Working as a Nursing Assistant

Zab Judah use to make a living knocking people out in the ring, but now he has a different calling in life.

The former boxing champ traded in his boxing gloves for some scrubs, assisting elderly patients with dementia, and helping teach a nursing class.

TMZ has the details of how Judah ended up here:

“Judah — a 4x boxing champ — is working at an adult day care facility during the day, and helping teach a nurses assistant class by night … all the while still training as a pro fighter.

Teberah Alexander — the director at Excelling Nursing Academy who also runs the day care facility — tells TMZ Sports that Judah recently graduated the nurses assistant class (he’s now CPR certified, and First-Aid trained) … and now actually helps teach a class of students studying to get certified.

Alexander says Zab primarily works with people with dementia and Alzheimer’s … and has developed a bond with the elderly patients.

She says Zab does everything from catheters to taking vitals.”



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