LaVar Ball Says He Sent Trump Red, White, Blue ZO2s & ‘Didn’t Get A Thank You’ (VIDEO)

Just when you thought you wouldn’t see LaVar Ball on CNN again after his first disaster of an interview, he was right back there talking about Donald Trump once again.

On Tuesday, Ball made his second appearance on CNN to explain his latest controversy of pulling his son LiAngelo Ball out of UCLA. It turned into the perfect opportunity for LaVar to give an update on his feelings about Donald Trump.

LaVar stated he sent the President three pairs of red, white, and blue ZO2s, and “didn’t get a thank you.” But he’s not stressing over it, unlike what Trump did when he thought he should’ve gotten a proper thank you for freeing LiAngelo from China.

“He know he got them shoes, and I’ll tell you what. Behind closed doors, I think he got them on his feet, just dancing,” LaVar said before bursting into song (one he made up).

This proves once again that despite the dislike and hatred LaVar Ball gets on the regular, he continues to bring shows the ratings and clicks that they want. And as long as he can do that, he will continue to make these appearances. Hate it or love it, but LaVar Ball and the Ball family are here to stay.

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