Second Time’s a Charm For Destruction of Stubborn Pontiac Silverdome (VIDEO)

Screen Shot 2017-12-05 at 9.00.45 AM

Over the weekend, there was a fair amount of confusion and frustration among Detroit-area residents who wanted to watch a building explode. Or implode. Whatever.

The first attempt at demolishing the vacant Pontiac Silverdome didn’t get the job done, leaving many wondering what the next step was. The building was no doubt compromised from the explosives, so sending men into the teetering structure wasn’t an option.

Well, they were able to, one way or another, get the job done today. We can all go home now. The mighty Silverdome has been slain.


Congrats on the second attempt, guys. For good measure, let’s delight once again in the first failed attempt.

Okay. So what should we blow up next?

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