Working-Class Hero Disabled His Job’s Tracking Device To Sneak In 140(!) Rounds of Golf

Image via Getty

Image via Getty

If you’re looking for the apex of ingenuity, look no further than the lengths that many will go to weasel out of work. Tom Colella of Perth, Australia is out of a job because he got a little too clever for his own good. The electrician found a way to disable his firm’s employee tracking. Once he had hacked the babysitting software, he played golf.

A lot of golf. 140 rounds.

His “hack” to silence the tracking device? Stuffing it in an empty chip bag.

Ok, so maybe the employer could have been a little more diligent in their methods. Colella was eventually ratted out by someone in the company, meaning he could have gotten away with it longer if it weren’t for a snitch.

Maybe someone will see a resourceful asset in Colella in his next interview. Or maybe they’ll just see a really, really bad employee who just wants to be paid to play golf. Good luck out there, you beautiful bastard.

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