The Story Behind This 102-0 Rout of a Girls’ Basketball Team Is Just Too Weird

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Normally, if you read about a scholastic team beating another by the whopping margin of 102-0, you’d probably be a little angry. Sure, beat them 32-2, or 64-8, but not ceding a single bucket while you get dozens of them? Criminal, right?

Well, not quite.

Brockton, the high school team that got blown out by Froid-Medicine Lake, didn’t exactly step on the court with their best foot forward. They had a number of players miss the game, leaving them with only five players, including an 8th grader and a sophomore who hadn’t played basketball in five years.

Speaking to the Great Falls Tribune, the coach of the losing team, Terrance Johnson, knew things would get ugly:

“My other girl came down sick and couldn’t go, so we had to start the game with only five players,” Johnson said. “We had one eighth-grader, a first-year freshman and three sophomores. One sophomore was playing for the first time since sixth grade, the freshman had never really played ball until this year.

“The ones who couldn’t play were my upperclassmen; my ball handlers…

“We knew what we were getting into,” Johnson said. “We spent two weeks getting ready for this game, but when we got down to five players, all of our plans went right out the window.

“We got down quickly and stopped taking stats in the first quarter. I’m not sure if we even hit double figures in field goal attempts.”

The score at halftime was 59-0. The opposing coach was hoping the refs would just call the game out of mercy. It didn’t happen.

Things didn’t get any easier for Brockton, either. They were forced to play much of the second half with only four players after losing one to an ankle injury, and they lost another to a knee injury with only ten seconds remaining in the contest. Yikes.

So is the Brockton coach mad at the other team for not backing down? Nope! Apparently, his team emerged from the thrashing no worse for the wear.

“My girls did everything possible to score, and we were trying to find a way to get a crooked number up there,” Johnson added. “They did nothing wrong. At the end of the day, they all went home and asked: ‘What’s for dinner, Mom?’”

All’s well that ends well, I guess?

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