Dolphins Coach Adam Gase Says Patriots’ Patented “Double-Score” Is Basically Inevitable

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Over the last few years, New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick has been deferring every time his team wins the opening coin toss, and his logic makes a lot of sense. Giving the other team the ball first not only gives the Pats the first possession of the second half, but it also gives them a greater chance of getting the last possession of the first half. Thus, if they select their plays and managed the clock just right, the Pats can flip games by scoring on consecutive possessions, leaving opponents little time to catch up.

This year, the Patriots have basically perfected this strategy, scoring in the final two minutes of the first half in nine of their first 12 games. In fact, they’ve gotten so good at doing this that broadcasters have given the strategy a name: the double-score. Meanwhile, opposing coaches are so afraid of the backbreaking double-score that they are deferring when they win coin tosses against the Patriots, forcing them to take the ball first so they have to go with game plan B.

That’s what the Dolphins did a few weeks back. And on Monday, while addressing the decision to defer possession with members of the media, Dolphins coach Adam Gase spoke as though the Patriots double-score were completely inevitable.

“Well, if we take the ball, you know what’s going to happen at the end of the half right?” Gase explained. “They’re going to have six minutes left, they’re going to use all of the clock, and then they’re going to get the ball [again to start the second half] and we’ll be on the sideline and they’ve got a chance to have two scores without us touching the ball.”

So, basically, Bill Belichick has the entire NFL wrapped around his diabolical finger.

Damn evil football genius.

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