Odell Beckham Supreme x Louis Vuitton Walking Boot May Be the Most Stylish Walking Boot Ever (VID + PIC)

Image via Getty

Image via Getty

Odell Beckham Jr. may not be playing football these days, but he’s still winning the fashion game.

If you follow OBJ on Instagram, you already know he has a serious love of expensive clothes and accessories. And of particular interest to him recently is Supreme x Louis Vuitton, a collaboration between New York streetwear label Supreme and the iconic French fashion house Louis Vuitton that has taken the fashion world by storm over the last six months.

Take a quick scroll through OBJ’s Instagram and you’ll see him sporting all kinds of Supreme x Louis Vuitton items, hoodies and phone cases to basketball jerseys and European Carryalls (a.k.a. purses). Now, though, Odell has taken his love of Supreme x LV to a whole new level.

In a series of recent social media posts, Beckham is wearings what appears to have replaced his standard issue walking book with a custom-made Supreme x LV walking boot.

Take a look:

“The game turned me into this guy….”

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Apparently when you have 9.5 million Instagram followers and spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on Supreme x Louis Vuitton apparel, if you ask them to make you a custom walking boot they say “what size?”

Odell probably didn’t have to pay for his new footwear, but if he did I bet the price tag would have been outrageous.

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