Old Man Brent Musburger Likes His NFL ‘Violent’; Calls Haters ‘Snowflakes’ (TWEET)

Image via Getty

Image via Getty

In what I still think has to be the result of a hacking or a parody account (though the verified Twitter check says otherwise), Brent Musburger responded to Monday night’s brutally violent and dangerous Steelers-Bengals game by just telling everyone to shut the hell up and quit complaining.

No, really.

His exact words:

“They’re hurting each other for our amusement and always have!” isn’t the most compelling defense of football violence that I’ve ever heard, but…whatever. He’s old and fears change.

The game in question, in case you have a very short-term memory, has a Pro Bowler in the hospital with what might be diminished use of his legs and two guys sidelined for cheap hits.

Yeah, Brent, everything’s good the way it is. And now is definitely the time to bring it up.

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