Skip Bayless Says LaVar Ball Is Teaching His Sons: ‘If You Don’t Like It, Just Quit’ (VIDEO)


Back in October, LaVar Ball announced he was pulling his youngest son LaMelo Ball, a rising junior who had played for Chino Hills, out of school with the intention of home-schooling and training the UCLA commit for the next two years.

LaVar famously clashed with former Chino Hills coach Stephan Gilling and the same continued with the new head coach who was going to put an end to LaMelo shooting 50 times a game, so LaVar yanked his son from the squad.

This week, LaVar pulled his middle son LiAngelo Ball, who is not on the radar to make it anywhere near the league, from UCLA after he felt it was unfair punishment he received for stealing from four high-end stores in China.

On Wednesday’s edition of ‘Undisputed,’ Skip Bayless argued that LaVar is teaching his children that when things start to get tough and adversity rears its ugly head, just quit.

“You are breaking unwritten rules right and left… You’re making it harder on your son”

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