Buffalo Bills Fan Gets One-Year Ban From New Era Stadium For Running Naked On Field (VIDEO)

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During a blowout loss at the hands of the New Orleans Saints last month, a Buffalo Bills fan decided to pump up the crowd in the only way he knew how. He ran out on the field completely nude during the game, and did a couple juke moves before he was eventually tackled by security.

He was cheered that day, but that decision is going to cost him big.

Via NY Post:

“Tristan Lambright admitted the violation in Orchard Park Town Court on Thursday. He’ll have to do 25 hours of community service and pay $400 in fines and fees.

The 29-year-old ran out onto New Era Field on Nov. 12 during the Bills’ 47-10 loss to the New Orleans Saints. He was tackled by security officers.

After his arrest, fans rallied around him, offering praise for his physique and money for his defense. But he won’t be at another game anytime soon. His sentence includes a one-year ban from the stadium.”

Not really much of a sentence, since his favorite team still hasn’t qualified for the playoffs since the 90’s.

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