Chargers Surprise Every Kid At School With a Bike, And The Reactions Are PRICELESS (VIDEO)

Chargers Surprise Kids with Bikes for Christmas

The Los Angeles Chargers pulled an Oprah on a bunch of elementary school kids this week, and it was absolutely heartwarming.

On Tuesday, nearly 150 students packed into the auditorium of Catskill Elementary School in Carson, California, where a delegation of current and former Chargers players—including LaDainian Tomlinson and Joey Bosa—would announce the winners of a multi-grade essay contest. Each student had written about what they want to be when they grow up, and five winners would each get a new bike courtesy of the Chargers.

After all five winners were announced, a school official standing in the back of the room asked if they could choose one more winner. Students and even some teachers then broke into a chant of “One more bike! One more bike!” So the Chargers went into a huddle and decided they could give out one more bike.

After the sixth bike was given away, the school’s principal, Suzanne Zopatti, said there were no more bikes, and a few students reportedly broke into tears.

That’s when the Chargers took a page out of the Oprah Winfrey playbook, pulled back the stage curtain, and revealed that every kid was getting a bike.

Needless to say, the kids went totally bananas:

As it turns out, only the school’s principal knew what was coming. The teachers were as surprised as the kids.

“You see Ms. Gusa and the students crying and you feel the raw emotion,” said teacher Philip Porciuncula. “A lot of these kids come from really tough places, and for them to finally get something that they never thought would happen to them… It must feel like the lottery to them. Hopefully, this is the beginning to a really uplifting Christmas and 2018.”

The Chargers players were just happy to be a part of it.

“The holidays are still my favorite time of the year, and I was always blessed growing up by getting what I wanted for Christmas,” said defensive end Joey Bosa. “Coming here and seeing kids who aren’t as fortunate get an amazing gift and seeing their faces light up is a pretty awesome blessing.”

Well done, Chargers.

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