REPORT: Dolphins Ran Up Score on Broncos Because Head Coach Adam Gase Was Out for Revenge

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The Miami Dolphins pounded the Denver Broncos last weekend, 35-9. That in itself wasn’t surprising, because the Broncos are absolutely terrible. What was surprising, and raised more than a few eyebrows, was that the Dolphins really tried to run up the score. In fact, after scoring a touchdown that made it 33-9 in the fourth quarter, the Dolphins turned right around and attempted an on-side kick.

That sort of thing is generally considered petty and unsportsmanlike. It’s like a baseball player staring at a home run when his team is up by 10 runs, or a basketball player doing trick dunks when his team is up by 30 points.

So what the hell was Dolphins coach Adam Gase trying to do? Well, according to Dolphins beat writer Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald, the on-side kick was all about revenge.

According to Salguero, Gase believed he was the frontrunner for the 49ers head coaching job back in 2015, when he was offensive coordinator for the Broncos. However, Gase believes John Elway badmouthed him to 49ers GM Trent Baalke.

Initially Gase didn’t say or do anything about this because he thought Elway wanted him to take over as head coach of the Broncos. However, when Elway went and hired Gary Kubiak instead, Gase was pissed. Shortly after that he joined the Chicago Bears as OC, and in 2016 he became head coach of the Dolphins.

Apparently he’s been seeking revenge on Elway ever since.

Personally, I hope this story is true. Who doesn’t like the idea of an NFL coach hell-bent on revenge?

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