Genie Bouchard Went on a SECOND Date with That Dude She Lost a Super Bowl Bet To (TWEETS)

Image via Getty

Image via Getty

Sure, lots of people were surprised by the Patriots’ comeback over the Falcons in the Super Bowl, but few were surprised on a more public level than Genie Bouchard, who agreed to go on a date with some random Twitter dude if the Pats pulled it off.

They did, and being the sporting person she is, Genie went on her date.


They ended up going to a Nets game together. He bought her some expensive earrings, and told the world they had a second date.

Well, apparently that second date has taken place. And now there’s proof of that.


I guess their dates are getting more…comfortable. How awesome is that?


Oh, they’re totally dating.

I’m not saying this is the sports story of the year…but it is, and everyone should recognize that fact.