Dude Rocks the Sh*t Out of National Anthem on Electric Guitar at Fordham-Harvard Game (Video)

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Michael J. Fox’s son was sent back from the future last night to teach us all how the national anthem should be performed at sporting events from now on.

Okay, so the dude who performed the national anthem at the men’s basketball game between Fordham and Harvard probably was not the son of Michael J. Fox. And he probably wasn’t really from the future. And it is quite possible I watch too many Robert Zemeckis movies. But the dude did totally shred while performing The Star-Spangled Banner on his electric guitar.

It wasn’t a perfect performance. In fact, from the 18-second mark to the 35-second mark, it was downright bad. But then the guitar dude recovers, and the last minute of his performance is totally kickass.

Take a look:


We here at Total Pro Sports have covered a lot of bad national anthem performances over the years. This one was a breath of fresh air.

If Fordham doesn’t sign this guy up to perform the national anthem at every home game for the rest of the season, they’ll need to look for a new director of game ops.

Hat Tip – [Deadspin]

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