REPORT: Neurologist Strongly Believes Steelers’ Ryan Shazier Will Never Play Football Again

Pittsburgh Steelers v Cincinnati Bengals

Getting injured in the game of football is expected because of the violet nature of the sport, but to lose everything that you worked for because of a freak accident is just terrible.

On Thursday, Ryan Shazier underwent surgery for the serious spinal cord injury he suffered during Monday night’s Steelers-Bengals game in Cincinnati.

The entire situation was already dire. Family, friends, and fans were all on edge to find out how Shazier would make it out of this.

ESPN’s Michele Steele spoke with neurologist Dr Anthony Alessi, who doesn’t have access to Shazier’s records, but claims the situation is lot worse than previously expected, as the Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker may never play football again.

Fingers crossed that none of this actually happens and Shazier makes a full recovery from this.