Tickets for Bills vs. Colts Are Going for as Little as $4, Because Who Really Wants to Watch That?

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Last week fans were paying upwards of $100 for tickets to see the Bills play Tom Brady and the Patriots at New Era Field in Buffalo.

This week, with the Indianapolis Colts coming to town, the market has cooled way, way, way down.

With the Andrew Luck-less Colts a miserable 3-9 and the Bills a respectable but unexciting 6-6, it would seem folks in upstate New York would rather catch up on their Christmas shopping than sit in a cold stadium and watch mediocre football. Even if it is the Bills’ penultimate home game of the season. Because tickets for Sunday’s game are currently ridiculous cheap.

How cheap is ridiculously cheap? At time of writing, has dozens of 300-level tickets in the $4-$5 range. Take a look:

Bills vs. Colts Tickets Super Cheap

Of course, the Bills have seen drops in ticket re-sale prices before. But this is really low. According to New York Upstate, when the Cleveland Browns came to town last season tickets didn’t go lower than $7 a piece.

So, congratulations to the Colts! In the eyes of the Bills Mafia, you are now on par with the Cleveland Browns!

Let that sink in.

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