Watch Olivia Munn Freak the Hell Out as She Hits 130 MPH in a Speeding Car (VIDEO)

Screen Shot 2017-12-07 at 8.58.15 AM

There’s nothing particularly special about seeing people freak out in fast cars, but this video offers up a pretty fun twist that takes it from good to great.

Olivia Munn may not be Hollywood royalty, but she’s famous enough that Audi wanted her to star in its new series of videos showing off just what their cars can do. And while 130 MPH may not be much by race car standards, for a layperson in a quick car, especially when they’re NOT the ones driving, that speed can make them see God.

Audi had the good sense to take what would be an otherwise unremarkable event and spruce it up by making Munn field questions about her personal life and career WHILE she was flipping out.

Now that’s entertainment.

It may have been an intense experience, but Olivia seemed to enjoy it.

Now our minds are racing thinking about who else would fare well in these conditions. Any particular star you’d like to see field questions as they’re racing at insanely high speeds?

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