Bob Arum Says UFC President Dana White is a ‘Piece of Crap’ (VIDEO)

bob arum

Dana White saw the light when his prized fighter Conor McGregor crossed over to boxing and made them both a crap-load of money by fighting Floyd Mayweather a few months.

For that reason, the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) President is now convinced he can successfully promote boxing under the UFC umbrella.

Fight Hype recently caught up with longtime promoter Bob Arum, who had great things to say about White being licensed to promote boxing. But the praise soon turned to anger as the discussion went on:

“If Dana White started promoting boxing, it would be terrific,” Arum said. “Because it would show what we have now proven that boxing is not an old man’s sport, that our demographics are young. We’ve been up against them twice, and we’re up against them now for the third time, but a leveled playing field. Free television (on) ESPN, free television (on) FOX and FS1, and a lot of kids don’t have premium television because they can’t afford $15 a month.”

Once White was brought up again in the same interview, here’s what Arum had to say:

“Who gives a shit about White, he’s a piece of crap,” Arum told reporters on Saturday night.

“It’s an acknowledgment how strong boxing is. He has the UFC that’s cratering, and he needs boxing to save himself.”

Arum and White have been at war for years, with each of them throwing massive shade at the other in multiple interviews.

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