Jose Canseco Says He Was Molested By Several Women & Never Complained; Calls Accusers Racist

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Jose Canseco is a special type of human being, and not in a good way.

The former Major League Baseball slugger says the many women that are accusing politicians of sexual misconduct are only doing so because they were ‘ugly men.’

On Tuesday, Canseco decided to hop on Twitter and reveal that he too has been a victim of sexual assaults, but by women. And he never complained about it.



Canseco responded after receiving backlash for his comments:

If you ever wondered if CTE was an issue in baseball, your question has been answered.

His comments were so bad that his former squad, the Oakland A’s, had to release a statement about it:

“We were disappointed to learn of Mr. Canseco’s statements,” the team said. 

“Mr. Canseco is not an employee of the Athletics and his statements do not reflect the values of our organization or those of our most trusted partners.”


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