Genie Bouchard Busts Out Sexy Bikini For Lucky Guy Who Won ‘Super Bowl Bet’ On Beach Date (PICS)

Genie Bouchard and Date Chapter one between Genie Bouchard and John Goehrke began all the way back in February during Super Bowl LI, when Bouchard agreed to go on a date with Goehrke if the Patriots could overcome a 25-point deficit against the Falcons and win the Lombardi Trophy. As we all know by now, the Pats mounted that incredible comeback, and it led to chapter 2 between these two young adults: a date in New York. For those who have been keeping up, they know that chapter 3 took place just last week, when Bouchard and Goehrke got together again for their long-awaited second date. And today, we bring you word of another chapter in this love story. That would be Chapter 4: The Beach Date. Here’s the proof: