Entire Argentine Soccer Club Has Been Suspended and Relegated for Beating Three Refs To a Bloody Pulp (PIC + VIDEO)

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During a lower-tier Argentinian soccer match between Juventud de Pergamino and Independiente de Chivilcoy, players and fans of Juventud took exception to a red card issued by a ref and summarily proceeded to chase down not just the one ref, but all three, and beat them savagely. 

Here’s the incident captured on tape:

Needless to say, retribution was in order.

The punishment has been handed down by the league, and Juventud will not only be relegated to a lower division, but will be suspended for an entire season for the ugly incident.

We don’t want to dwell on this senseless act, but it’s important to show just how terrible this incident was for a trio of guys just trying to do their job.

Here’s the fallout from the incident as one ref tries to recover following the beating.

Ugh. Just kick them out of the league, already.

Hat Tip – [Deadspin]

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