Steph Curry Wants To Help Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs Buy The Carolina Panthers

Image via Getty

Image via Getty

The Carolina Panthers are likely going to be in the playoffs come January, and the franchise will be up for sale at the same time after Jerry Richardson announced it on Sunday.

This announcement comes on the heels of reports of him and the Panthers organization paying victims of Richardson’s bad behavior in the workplace and that includes sexual harassment of women and the use of a derogatory word towards an African American employee.

Businessman and Hip hop legend Diddy expressed his interest in purchasing the Panthers on Twitter:


He then stated on Instagram that one of first courses of action would be immediately signing free agent Colin Kaepernick to the team who has been blackballed from the league. Stephen Curry, who grew up in Charlotte, North Carolina, and is an avid Panthers fan, saw that tweet and replied that he wanted in on this purchase of the franchise.

The Panthers are valued at $2.3 billion and Diddy’s net worth is at $820 million, while Curry’s net worth is around $60 million. The two might have to reach out to a few more people to get this job done.

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