Anonymous Rams Player Says Playing The Seahawks Felt Like Playing The Cleveland Browns

Los Angeles Rams v Seattle Seahawks

Welcome to 2017, where the Jacksonville Jaguars and Los Angeles Rams are at the top of their divisions and headed into the playoffs.

Both of those teams have something in common and that includes them both defeating the Seattle Seahawks in consecutive weeks, with the Rams doing it in Seattle and completely embarrassing them in the process.

That Seattle defense that used to be so stout is seemingly dead this season thanks to injuries, and no one is afraid of facing this squad any longer. Just before the Jags faced off against the Seahawks, CB Jalen Ramsey snapped on a reporter for over-hyping teams like the Seahawks every single year.

After the Rams destroyed the Seahawks this past Sunday, one anonymous player on the squad went even further by commenting on how easy it was to push Seattle around, adding that playing the Seahawks felt a lot like they were playing the Browns…

Yes, the Browns.

“I was stunned at how easy it was to push them around,” one Rams player texted me after they beat the Seahawks 42-7 on Sunday. “It was like playing the Browns.”

Even those not on the field noticed.

“Going out to Jacksonville [last week] and getting physically dominated, taking that long trip, coming back … it just seems like they got exposed with the injuries and everything they’ve gone through,” Rodney Harrison said on NBC’s Football Night in America. “They could not physically compete with either the Jacksonville Jaguars or the Rams.”

Ouch. Mike Freeman went on to point out the cap hits and age of Seattle’s best players. That’s when you start to realize that no one can survive father time and salary cap issues.

“Richard Sherman will be 30 next year. His salary cap number will be $13.2 million, and he’ll be coming off a torn Achilles tendon. Safety Kam Chancellor will also be 30 next year and suffered a neck injury this season. He may never play again.

Cliff Avril will be 32. Michael Bennett is 32. Earl Thomas will be 29 next season.”

How bad have things gotten for the Seahawks? So bad that Earl Thomas and Bobby Wagner had beef with each other that played out on social media following their blowout loss to the Rams.

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