Pittsburgh Penguins Recreate ‘A Christmas Story’ In EPIC Fashion (VIDEO)


Every year, in the spirit of the holidays, the Pittsburgh Penguins come together to re-enact one of their favorite holiday films. This year the squad picked the timeless classic A Christmas Story. The players got all dolled up and took turns playing Ralphie, Randy and the rest of the gang in some pretty awesome clip.

Here’s the video, which features, remarkably, just about every notable scene in its two-plus minutes of runtime.

The green screen work here is a little creepy and distracting, but considering this video was probably made for like $1,000, we’ll give them a pass, right?

That said, it’s all worth it to see Phil Kessel‘s role in the iconic pink bunny suit scene, so give it a look.

Someone in the Deadspin comments pointed out that this had been done by the Caps in 2015, but we’re going to make a ruling and say there’s no such thing as too much A Christmas Story.

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