Classless Eagles Fans Squirt Mustard & Ketchup All Over A Guy For Being A Dallas Cowboys Fan (VIDEO)

Usually a week 17 game featuring the Philadelphia Eagles and Dallas Cowboys would be highly anticipated and fans would be losing their minds throughout. This season, it was different. Many stars on both sides sat it out as the game meant absolutely nothing for both squads.

The Eagles were headed to the playoffs and the Cowboys were headed to the offseason. The game never felt competitive and didn’t have the typical feel of an NFC East matchup, as the Cowboys won the game, 6-0.

The highlight from the game was actually a low-light from the Eagles fan base. Outside of Lincoln Financial Field was a lone Dallas Cowboys fan with a Tony Romo jersey on. He was surrounded by Eagles fan, and he would leave that area a changed man.

One guy turned on his camera and boasted about how Eagles fan treated Cowboys fans. The poor guy in the video was just walking and getting mustard and ketchup squirted all over him for no reason at all.


Turns out the person who recorded this was part of a fantasy league and this was the punishment for the guy who had stuff squirted on him.


Dallas #birdgangmafia & 4 all the dumb ass cowboy fans talkin shit in my comments the guy lost his fantasy league and this was his punishment we don’t just do this to random ppl u idiots #dumbestfansonearth

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