REPORT: ESPN Is Trying To Steal Alex Rodriguez From FOX Sports

88th MLB All-Star Game - Batting Practice

Not since his playing days in the MLB has Alex Rodriguez been wanted so badly by two different teams…or in this case, two rival companies.

Aaron Boone, who worked on Sunday Night Baseball, recently signed on to be the next manager of the New York Yankees, so ESPN is looking for somebody with a big name to fill the slot.

Enter: A-Rod.

“ESPN wants A-Rod badly,” a source with knowledge of the talks told McCarthy. “But Fox, in general, is not good about sharing talent,” multiple sources told The Sporting News’ Michael McCarthy.

Working against the Worldwide Leader in Sports is the fact that A-Rod signing a multi-year contract with FOX before the beginning of last season. But ESPN has a plan to deal with that…

ESPN would even be willing to “share” A-Rod with Fox, but Fox is not interested in such an arrangement involving the three-time American League MVP and 2009 World Series champion.

Rodriguez has been compared to the gold standard for sports studio analysts and his high-profile romance with Jennifer Lopez has only increased his celebrity status.

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