Clueless Kevin Hart Completely Screwed Up His Poker Hand…But Still Managed to Win a Crazy Pot (VIDEO)

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While certain celebs might be good at poker, they’re still not pros, which means they’re still prone to the occasional brain-dead move. As an example, look no further than Kevin Hart, who badly misjudged his hand in an all-in proposition.

This video shows it all, but we’ll break it down afterward if you prefer a broad-strokes narrative of the hand.

Essentially, both players, Kevin and Mila, went into the hand with very little, though Kevin had a slightly stronger hand with King-high. However, Mila bluffed her way through, and Kevin called the whole way, even after she went all-in.

Kevin flips his cards and declares victory with a straight…except…he doesn’t have a straight. Nonetheless, he won the hand, but in such a boneheaded fashion that he actually gave Mila 15,000 in chips to keep her in the game for his buffoonery. Nice gesture, but some truly bad poker.

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