North Korea Will Be Sending Athletes to the Winter Olympics Next Month

Image via Getty

Image via Getty

In an effort to improve ties between North and South Korea, the two nations recently sat and reached a resolution on how to address the upcoming Winter Olympics in PyeongChang. Not only will North Korea be sending athletes, state officials, cheerleaders, and journalists(!) to the Games, but the isolationist country will also make a joint appearance in a march with South Korea.

While the presence of North Korean athletes at the games is unlikely to move the meter at all from a competitive standpoint, their appearance is enough to get a little more optimistic about seeing the country catch up with the rest of the world with regards to social and diplomatic progress.

The IOC has said the “door is open” for North Korea to join the Games and even extended the deadline for the country to join. Looks like those efforts are now coming to fruition.

Hat Tip – [TheScore]

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