Mayweather Is Trolling McGregor Over His Beef With Irish Mob (TWEET)

Image via Getty

Image via Getty

Whoever Floyd Mayweather used to write this tweet for him sure came up with a doozy.

The famously outspoken and illiterate boxer decided to use rumors of Conor McGregor‘s run-in with the Irish mob over a bar fight to remind the boxer from the Emerald Isle that he got his butt kicked last year.

Why is Mayweather doing this? Because he has literally nothing else to do with his time, apparently.

Here’s the tweet:

Something tells me the emjois may have been Floyd’s added touch.

McGregor came back with a direct, yet wholly unconvincing rebuttal: 

We’ve got two boxers feuding and now the Irish mob may be involved. How on Earth is their back-and-forth still so boring?

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