MLB Agent Fired After Filming Clients Showering (Naked, Obviously)

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MLB agent Jason Wood was fired by CSE Talent on Wednesday after it was discovered that he had been secretly recording clients who used the shower at his home.

According to FanRag Sports, which first reported the story, a player who wishes to remain anonymous discovered a camera while taking a shower at Wood’s home. This player immediately confronted Wood and fired him on the spot.

The MLB Players Association confirmed on Wednesday that they have suspended Wood pending the outcome of an investigation.

Jason Wood headed up the baseball division at CSE Talent. He joined the company after they bought his agency, Arland Sports, in April 2017.

Danny Martoe, president of CSE Talent, issued the following statement in an effort to assure clients that this kind of thing will not be tolerated:

“For over 32 years, CSE Talent has prided itself on our moral and ethical standards and have built a solid reputation within the industry. We take pride in working with people who represent these values. It’s unfortunate that CSE Talent aligned itself with someone who didn’t uphold these same standards and therefore we chose to terminate with cause Wood’s employment.”

While ESPN says a CSE Talent told them non of Wood’s other clients have expressed a desire to leave the agency, FanRag says that is not the case. They report that a number of Wood’s clients have cut ties with CSE altogether and are looking or have already hired new representation.

Wood’s known clients include big leaguers such as Andrew Benintendi, Jake Odorizzi, David Phelps, Ryne Stanek and Cody Asche, as well as minor league prospects such as Riley Pint, Joey Wentz, and Mitch Keller.

In a text message sent to multiple media outlets, Wood vehemently denied recording anybody showering.

“The allegations that have surfaced today are absurd and untrue,” the message said. “Over the past 13 years I have worked tirelessly to build a successful agency through integrity and hard work. I am disappointed that there are those who have chosen to spread such irresponsible and harmful rumors.”

Obviously it’s hard to imagine that an agent would be so stupid as to set up a hidden camera in his shower to record his clients. But it’s also hard to imagine why a client would be so stupid as to make this up.

Of course, there’s also another possibility. Wood could have set up the camera in his shower to record other people—use your imagination—but the player discovered it and assumed it was there to record him.

Whatever the case, this story is absolutely bizarre.

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