J.J. Redick Says He’s “Not Entirely Convinced” That Dinosaurs Existed & Kyrie Irving Agrees (VIDEO)

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I believe the NCAA should hold an investigation that looks into the type of classes that student-athletes are taking at Duke University.

For the second time in less than a year, a former player at Duke has said something controversial and this time it’s J.J. Redick. The Philadelphia 76ers guard recently sat down with Boston Celtics guard Kyrie Irving to talk about a variety of topics, including conspiracy theories. First mistake.

Redick, of course, questioned Irving on why he believes the Earth is flat and the convo lead him to bring up something he himself has always questioned. It pertained to dinosaurs and how he was  “not entirely convinced” that they roamed the earth. Second mistake.

“So I’ve come across some weird websites in my Google searches. For example, the word ‘Dino,’ it didn’t exist until like 1842 — there was no word for ‘dinosaur.’ And then all of a sudden, in the next 15 years, after this British scientist comes up with the word ‘dinosaur’ and describes it in a medical journal, people start finding fossils. And I’m thinking to myself, ‘alright, humans — like Homo sapiens — we’ve been here since, like, 10,000 B.C. We’ve been roaming the Earth, we’ve had multiple empires all over the world… and in all that time, we didn’t find any fossils until 150 years ago?’

“It makes you think!”

No it doesn’t.

(Redick’s dinosaur rant comes around the 4:10 mark)

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