Kyrie Irving “LIKES” Video Of LeBron James Screaming at Teammates (VIDEO)

Screen Shot 2018-01-12 at 8.31.21 AM

If you thought the Kyrie Irving/LeBron James feud that originated this summer is in the rear view mirror, think again.

Recently, LeBron was caught on video screaming at his teammates during a VERY lackluster performance against the Toronto Raptors on Thursday. The Cavs eventually lost, 133-99, and when the video made the rounds on social media shortly thereafter, it seemed a familiar face “liked” the damning clip.

First, the video:


It’s hard to misinterpret this move by the defected former Cav. It’s also hard not to like it. These types of super-catty, passive-aggressive moves are just the drama we need to help us pay attention to pro basketball before the Super Bowl.

Keep it up, fellas!

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