Mets Offer 50 Cent a Chance to Redeem Himself For Historically Bad First Pitch (VIDEO + TWEET)

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If nothing else, this story will serve as a pretense to revisit one of the funniest moments in the past couple decades of sports.

In 2014, noted gangster rapper 50 Cent took to the mound at Citi Field to throw out the first pitch. It wasn’t just bad. It was maybe the worst first pitch in the history of first pitches.

Here it is:

Well, either the Mets are offering 50 Cent a legit shot at redemption, or they know they’ll get some good free press from another errant pitch from the hip-hop star. Either way, they’ve reached out to offer him another shot.

He has been a terrifically good sport about his wonky pitch, so there’s a decent chance he’ll take them up on this.

Lord knows we won’t want to miss it if he does.

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