New Details About Aaron Hernandez’s Life In Prison Have Surfaced & He Was A Menace To Deal With

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By now, you probably thought you heard just about everything regarding Aaron Hernandez, from the time he went to prison to the time he decided to take his own life, but apparently the earlier info barely even scratched the surface.

It’s been nine months since the former New England Patriots tight end committed suicide shortly after being found not guilty of a double-murder in Boston a few years back. How does a man who was given a $40M contract and had a promising career go from one of the best at his chosen professions to a stone cold killer?

New details uncovered by the NY Post reveal Hernandez had been hiding a side of him really well from the Pats organization, but it all came out while he was incarcerated. James Patterson’s new book, All-American Murder detailed Hernandez’s time behind bars and it claimed he once punched a fellow inmate and self-proclaimed Patriots fan in the face after beating his chest and yelling “I’m built for this shit,” earning him an assault and battery charge and two weeks of straight-up solitary confinement.

Sheriff Thomas Hodgson thought a high-profiled person like Hernandez would need protection in prison, but that couldn’t have been further from the truth.

“We were so worried about protecting him,” he said, “we never thought that he would be the aggressor.”

During a cell check, officers found a piece of paper with the letters ‘MOB’ written on it. When confronted about it, Hernandez said it meant ‘Money Over Bitches.’ But behind those walls, they knew it actually meant ‘Member of Bloods.’

Hernandez was heated.

“What if I don’t give this back to you?” he asked. “What the fuck you all gonna do about it?” The officers told Hernandez that he would be given a disciplinary report. “I don’t give a fuckk about no disciplinary report,” he replied. “I’ll eat the motherfucker.”

In the end, Aaron did get the report — and, to the officers’ amazement, he did eat it.

During another incident, officers denied him an extra meal, only to be called “a scared bitch.” . He even threatened to kill the officer and shoot his family upon release from prison.

“After stating this, inmate Hernandez appeared to make a noise that sounded like a machine gun,” the officer wrote in his report.

“I did not say I was going to kill him or his family,” Hernandez said, in his own defense. “I said if I see COs that act tough in jail, out of jail, I’m going to slap the shit out of them.”

Hernandez would go on to commit suicide on April 19, 2017, at the age of 27.

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