The Sixers Tricked a Fan Into Thinking He Hit a Blindfolded Shot and Won a Prize (Video)

76ers Prank Fan Make Him Think He Made Blindfolded Three-Pointer

The Philadelphia 76ers played host to the Boston Celtics at London’s O2 Arena on Thursday. While the NBA may have viewed the game as an opportunity to win over new fans, the Sixers game ops department viewed it as an opportunity to pull an epic prank they could never dream of pulling on one of their own hometown fans.

During a TV timeout, the Sixers brought a fan out onto the court to attempt a blindfolded three-pointer and possibly win a prize. What that fan didn’t realize was that everybody else in the arena was in cahoots. When he shot and missed—albeit not by much—everybody went crazy, convincing the guy he had actually made the shot. So of course he starts jumping up and down, celebrating what was surely the greatest athletic achievement of his life.

Then they turned the guy around and showed him the replay on the videoboard, crushing his soul into a million pieces.

Take a look:

The good news? That wasn’t just any fan. It was actually British comedian Jack Whitehall.

Presumably he of all people can take a joke.

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