French Soccer Referee Suspended Indefinitely After Trying to Trip Player, Then Giving Him a Red Card (VIDEO)

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If you think the NFL referees are bad, take a look at the bizarre scene that unfolded at Sunday’s Ligue 1 clash between FC Nantes and Paris St-Germain.

Right before the end of the game, referee Tony Chapron got tripped up by Nantes defender Diego Carlos. It was a complete accident, and something that happens from time to time in a sport where officials are constantly in the thick of the action.

Unfortunately, for whatever reason, Chapron did’t see it that way. After getting tripped, he sticks his foot out and tries to trip Carlos. Then, when Carlos puts his hands up in a “what gives” gesture, Chapron busts out the red card and ejected the guy.

It was unbelievable. Everybody was completely baffled. Take a look:

Not surprisingly, on Monday the French Referees’ Technical Directorate (DTA) and the Federal Refereeing Commission (CFA) announced that Chapron is suspended “until further notice.”

Chapron, meanwhile, acknowledge his error and apologized to Diego Carlos.

“This maladroit gesture was inappropriate. As a result, I would like to present my apologies to Diego Carlos,” Chapron said in a statement issued to French media.

“A complementary report has been sent to the disciplinary commission so that the booking received by the FC Nantes player be rescinded, as the images showed me his gesture did not seem voluntary,” Chapron explained. “During the match, I collided with Diego Carlos. At the moment of impact, I had a very sharp pain on a recent injury. It was bad reflex action that meant I stuck my leg out at the player.”

Tony Chaptron has apparently never been involved in an incident like this. Hopefully he didn’t flush his entire career down the toilet with one moment of uncontrolled emotion.

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