Argentine Soccer Club Puts Goalies Through Insane Training Regimen Fit for Navy Seals (VIDEO)

Argentine Soccer Club Goalie Training Insane

Apparently the goalie coach at Argentinian soccer club Sportivo Dock Sud is former special forces or something, because he’s got the team’s goalies training like Navy Seals getting ready to storm Osama’s compound.

You think we’re joking, but it’s true. Dock Sud keepers have to go through an absolutely gruelling training regimen that includes barricades of fire, diving in mud, hanging upside down like a bat, making saves while jumping off bicycles, balancing on plastic barrels, and leaping out of trains.

So, okay, the trains aren’t actually moving. But still.

The batsh*t insane training techniques were recently documented by DeporTV, Argentina’s national sports station. Take a look:

Honestly, after all that these dudes might as well just join the Argentine military. The training will be a breeze, and it probably pays a lot better than fourth division soccer.

Hat Tip – [Deadspin]