Craigslist Ad is Seeking a “Thumb Donation” To Cure Tom Brady’s Injured Hand Before AFC Title Game

Divisional Round - Tennessee Titans v New England Patriots

It’s the news that no New England Patriots fan wanted to hear when reports stated Tom Brady suffered an injury during practice, just days away from competing in the AFC Championship Game. He even wore a glove on his injured throwing hand at the start of Thursday’s practice.

Immediately, questions began to linger.  Many wondered if the glove was there to hide the location of the injury from Jaguars players, or if it was to help Brady with his grip due to the injury. No one knows for sure, and that’s the problem.

One thing is for sure; at least one Pats fan isn’t going to sit around and wait for things to fall apart. He got right to action to heal his QB.

One guy in the Boston area took to Craigslist, seeking a thumb donation from anyone so it can be given to the Patriots’ legendary quarterback so that he’ll be ready to send the team to yet another Super Bowl.

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