Heli-Skiing Goes Terribly Wrong When Ski Goes Down Hill Without Skier (VIDEO)

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Heli-skiing is plenty cool but filled with all sorts of risks. Most of those risks have to do with a skiers safety when it comes to falls and avalanches, but let’s not overlook the risks of inconvenience—like being stranded on top of a mountain…without your skis.

That’s what happened to this poor sap when he almost instantly on his descent hit a rock and tumbled. That’s bad enough, but he lost his skis down the entire mountain in the process.

Have a look at the (hilariously?) unfortunate video:

The best part? The whole thing happened just seconds after he said, “Let’s do this!”

He did, all right. Just not how he had hoped.

I wonder how much he paid for this privilege. Maybe you get a partial refund for screwing up so badly!

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