Two Players Combine for Absolutely BONKERS Cricket Catch (VIDEO)

Insane Cricket Catch Ben Laughlin Jake Weatherald Adelaide Strikers

There are three things you need to know about cricket to appreciate the following catch.

One: in cricket, as in baseball, you have one dude trying the hit the ball as far as possible while other dudes try to catch it. Two: fielders have to catch the ball inbounds. Three: fielders don’t wear gloves, but instead catch the ball with their bare hands.

With those basics laid out, you should be able to appreciate what Ben Laughlin and Jake Weatherald of the Adelaide Strikers pulled off on Monday. Laughlin made a brilliant catch on a hard-hit ball while running at a full sprint right in front of the out-of-bounds line. However, his momentum was carrying him out of bounds, and if he went out of bounds it would have been the cricket equivalent of a ground-rule double, giving the batting team four runs.

What did Laughlin do? Instead of carrying the ball out of bounds, he leapt up over the boundary line and chucked the ball underhanded and backwards into the field of play, where it was caught 20 yards away by teammate Jake Weatherald to complete the out.

It sounds confusing, but it’ll make sense when you see it.

Take a look:

Cricket is a very complicated game, but it sure produces some incredible highlights.

Hat Tip – [Deadspin]

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