A-Rod Loses to Toddler in Thrilling ‘Tonight Show’ Batting Contest (VIDEO)

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Sure, A-Rod has been away from the game for a minute, but surely his batting skills haven’t devolved to the point that he’s worse than a toddler, right? RIGHT?

Well, maybe.

Last week, Asher Willig, a 22-month-old, went viral after his dad posted pics of him taking some seriously impressive cuts at batting practice:

Wanted to try something a little different today with Ash! Kid keeps me on my toes! #baseballlife #asherthomas #loveofthegame #fatherson #baseball #golf #whiffleball

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Well, it didn’t take long for the talk show circuit to pick up on Asher’s sudden fame. The tot was welcomed onto the ‘Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon,’ where he squared off against no less than Alex Rodriguez

How did it go?

A-Rod had to use Asher’s small bat and bat lefty. Ultimately, he was bested by Asher 9-8 in the contest, but watching it unfold is where the real fun is:

Can we get this kid a farm league contract?

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